The grape varieties used to make our wines are cultivated in the vineyards of Tierra Estella, on the hillsides of Granja de Legardeta, in the municipality of Villatuerta, adjacent to the Señorío de Arínzano vineyard.

The 120 hectares of fertile soil that sustain our wines, which have been owned by the Chivite family for many years, contain a unique and unusual soil, composed of lime and chalk clays with a marked influence of the Atlantic, characteristics that are reflected in these new wines. 

Vineyards Fábricas Isla Chardonnay Legardeta Media Luna Las Zorreras Zamaca Garnacha Caracierzo Zamaca Syrah Garayo Las Mercedes Los Cotarros Escapulario El Corral Pieza 70 Soto Enfrente Arco Pieza Grande Carretera
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