J. Chivite Family Estates S.L. is a firm of renowned wine-makers with the seal of the Chivite family, a history that dates back to 1647 in which eleven generations have defended a way of life based on the land and the vine.

Founded in 1647, it is one of the wine-making family firms with the longest history in Spain. Eleven generations of Chivites have passed on the baton to maintain the tradition of wine-making. During this time, the Chivite firm has grown, adapting to new demands of the market and the consumer, and has created a brand that today is synonymous with maturity, elegance and know-how. 

There is a document dating back to the 17th century, a loan agreement signed before a notary and dated August 1647, which proves that the Chivite family already had their own vineyards and wine cellar, which were of considerable size for that period. The wine-making tradition has been passed on from generation to generation ever since. In 1860, Claudio Chivite grasped the opportunity presented by the crisis that the wine industry in France was experiencing, caused by the oidium, and began to export the family’s wines to the north of Europe to cater for the sudden leap in demand. 

Later, in the 19th century, the Chivite family home in Cintruénigo was converted to an inn for travellers, or Parador as they are known in Spain, frequented by travellers and carriages en route to Madrid, thereby spreading the name of Chivite to other regions, which was a major boost for the success of the firm.

In the 20th century, Julián Chivite Marco, convinced that the wine’s future lay in the quest for excellence, introduced sweeping improvements in the wine-making plant. His commitment to the quest for quality was reflected in the wines themselves and in his work as a founding member of the Regulating Commission of the Navarra Designation of Origin. His vision and influence were rewarded in 1992 with the Order of Merit for Agrarian Achievement by the King of Spain, and posthumously in 1997 with the Cross of Charles III the Noble.

Today, Julián Chivite López, the leading figure in this saga, is entrusted with administering this legacy.

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